MicroLite Mop

CombiSpeed Pro

With the CombiSpeed Pro cleaning system you choose the mop that suits your requirements, not the mop that suits your system. MicroLite Mop is available in 40cm and 50cm sizes in both pocket and pocket/strip attachments and fit all commercially frames. Additional features also include barcode labels and colour coding tags as standard.

Product Benefits

  • Effective, easy to use all-purpose microfibre mop with low friction
  • For general cleaning of sealed and smooth floors
  • Added cleaning stripes for easy removal of stubborn dirt
  • Low overall weight, reduces laundry costs
  • Medium durability, machine washable over 250 times
Description Size (cm) Art.no Case Packs/case Art.no. Pack Pieces/pack
MicroLite (Pocket CC) 40 143208 20 143242 1
MicroLite (Pocket & Strip CC) 40 143209 20 143243 1
MicroLite (Pocket CC) 50 143212 20 143246 1
MicroLite (Pocket & Strip CC) 50 143213 20 143247 1

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