UltraFlex Duo Mop Frame

Patent pending Double sided mop frame with hands free mop release

UltraFlex Duo is a double sided, easy to implement, flexible and attractively priced double sided mopping system that brings increased efficiency, hygiene and ROI to all areas of your business.

The double sided UltraFlex Duo Mop Frame is the key to unlocking all these benefits. The mop on process is simple, just pull the tab to open the frame and effortlessly slide into the mop attachment bands. To close just press down on both sides until you hear a click and you are ready to mop.

Hygienic ‘Hands free’ removal of used mops without touching is equally easy, just hold the frame above the laundry sack and pull the tab to open the frame and remove the mop. For the ultimate control use the integrated mop catch and slowly lower into the laundry sack.

Plus as the frame is double sided the mop can be used on both sides, bringing both hygiene and speed of cleaning benefits. For example in a hospital patient room one side can clean the bed area and the other side the associated sanitary room. Or in larger areas you can clean upto 40m2 per mop before changing. double the distance of single sided systems.

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