Hospital Property Cloth

Hospital Property Cloth

Hospital Property Cloth

Hygienic Unlike woven and open-structured cloths where dirt becomes trapped in the open weave, dirt particles are unable to penetrate the non-woven cloth surface and are easily rinsed away.

Updated to contain silver During production silver is added to the cloth and during use when these silver ions come into direct contact with bacteria and germs, they inhibit their growth by 99.99%. Printed with updated pattern and text ‘Hospital Property Cloth’ so easily identifiable to avoid pilfering.

Product benefits

Highly efficient and durable Leaves a smear free surface after wiping, removing the requirement for a second wipe to dry the surface.

  • High wet and dry strength for a long, hard wearing life.
  • Closed structure resists tearing and snagging.
  • Machine washable 50 times and auto-clavable for repeated use
  • Large and bulky making it easy to handle and gives optimum surface coverage
  • Colour-coded (Blue, Red, Green and Yellow) to reduce the risk of cross-contamination
Description Color Size (cm) Case Packs/case Pack Pieces/pack
Hospital Property Cloth blue 44 x 37 106407 20 108439 5
Hospital Property Cloth red 44 x 37 106408 20 108440 5
Hospital Property Cloth green 44 x 37 106409 20 108441 5
Hospital Property Cloth yellow 44 x 37 106410 20 108442 5

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