High Foam Scourer Soft

Soft abrasive for gentle cleaning

Many scourers look alike on the outside, but if you choose Vileda, you'll quickly notice the difference when it comes to both quality and the end result. Poor quality scourers wear quickly: once the top layer of abrasive fibres wears down, you are left with a scourer that demands more time and effort to get things clean. In a Vileda scourer, every fibre is coated with grit and resin, ensuring superb cleaning action throughout the lifetime of the scourer. The strong resin-to-fibre bond ensures even wear of fibres and abrasives, resulting in consistently excellent cleaning performance. Material Vileda scourers are made of nylon which does not rust or splinter, they will not clog and are easy to rinse. Usage Elastic fleece with soft abrasives. Ideal for sanitary areas.

Product benefits

  • Soft, blue structure, more effective at removing marks than white scourers, but still gentle to surfaces
  • Ideal for use in santitary applications
  • Foam backing protects fingers and keeps the scourer flat for maximum contact with the cleaning surface
Description Color Size (cm) Art.no Case Packs/case Art.no. Pack Pieces/pack
High Foam Scourer blue 15 x 7 100082 10 100729 10

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