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Mopping Systems

As all sites differ in size, floor coverings, volume of traffic, hygiene and health and safety requirements one floor cleaning system is not sufficient to meet all needs. That is why Vileda Professional has a comprehensive range of solutions from the standard leading Swep pre-prepared system, through to the UltraSpeed Pro, UltraSpeed Mini and SuperMop. By choosing the correct system for your requirements you can achieve better performance, ergonomics and lower your overall total cost-in-use.

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The New Swep System

The Swep system is the gold standard in pre-prepared floor cleaning. Microfibre perfection for all floor types with versatility, sustainability, efficiency, ergonomics and hygiene in focus.

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UltraSpeed Pro System

The best performing flat mop bucket and press system on the market. It is so easy to use it needs no training and is adaptable to suit all sites. Start with the single bucket system for general floor

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UltraSpeed Mini System

Designed for the requirements of small area cleaning, UltraSpeed Mini combines the ergonomic, performance and hygiene benefitsof the larger UltraSpeed Pro range into a small, compact system.

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ClickSpeed System

ClickSpeed is a cost effective pre-prepared damp flat mopping system featuring aunique, patented mop frame that is very easy to handle and use. Simply drop the mop on the floor, slide in the frame and

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CombiSpeed Pro System

The pocket flat mop system includes a wide assortment of pocket and strip mops foruse in a variety of applications. From the high performance of Trio and MicroSpeed Plusto the economy of Contract and

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Express Pro System

Comprehensive range of hook and loop flat mops for use with a variety of systems and methods including pre-prepared, spray and dust control.

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Spray Pro System

SprayPro is the professional, ready-to-use floor cleaning. Just fill the handle with water and you have everything you need to clean hard flooring and staircases in one easy-to-use unit.

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UltraSpin Mini System

UltraSpin Mini is a simple to use, compact mopping system designed for small areas. It combines a revolutionary spinning press with a mop head made from 100 % microfibre.

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Professional SuperMop is a compact socket mop system for use in small and mediumsized hard floor areas. The unique construction used in both SuperMop Ag andSuperMop Micro Ag hinders the growth and

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Kentucky Mops

Our selection of Kentucky mop systems offer high cleaning performance in areas larger than 50 m2.

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High performance durable and single use floor cloths featuring the quality and performance you expect from Vileda Professional. For use with your choice of squeegees or scrubbers on all hard floors.

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The dustmopping range comprises disposable as well as launderable mop solutions for fast removal of loose dust and dirt as part of daily maintenance or preliminary cleaning.

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