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Master the challenges of highly sensitive areas

Hygiene in healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes is crucial - especially in times of rising infection rates. It ensures the health and wellbeing of people and can often be "a matter of life and death". Therefore, achieving the highest grade of cleanliness and maximum contamination control is essential.

Vileda Professional can provide you with what it takes to raise the overall hygiene levels and minimize infection rates significantly at the lowest possible total costs. All our cleaning concepts for healthcare facilities provide a flexible, high-tech approach and can be used in a wide range of highly sensitive areas. Furthermore, all of them can be adapted to your specific needs and demands.

Ensure the highest possible hygienic standards with Vileda Professional. Contact us to get a tailormade offer.

Proven solutions for bacteria removal and infection control

Use our vast knowledge of healthcare cleaning to your advantage

With more than 50 years of experience, we at Vileda Professional know the needs of the healthcare industry. We have been developing, manufacturing and providing leading-edge cleaning solutions for the healthcare sector throughout the years. We are experts when it comes to hygienic cleaning.

1. Our research and development takes place in-house: We can react much faster to modern market conditions – as well as your specific needs.

2. We use patented technologies: We develop our products with only the latest technologies to not only meet the industry standards, but to surpass them.

3. We offer products of the highest quality: To provide high long-term value for all our customers, our products offer a longer service life than the market average – and thus an excellent cost-performance ratio.

Benefit from our systemized approach

To ensure highly hygienic cleaning it is crucial, that every link in the chain is equally strong: products, knowledge and use. By putting all these aspects together, we ensure that, when you’re cooperating with us, you benefit from our systemized approach for effective cleaning.

Remove bacteria effectively with our microfibre products

"When patients have the possibility of choosing a hospital, the first criterion is of course the quality and qualifications of the doctors. But as many as 97% of the patient's rate "cleanliness of hospital and patient room" as the second most important criterion." (Bertelsmann study, 2006).

Because of that, we offer microfibre-based mops and cloths which lead to a superior level of bacteria reduction. Independent tests show a 99.99% bacteria removal with the help of our products.

In addition, Vileda Professional has all the relevant healthcare certificates for mops and cloths that have direct surface contact. We also offer our single use range for sensitive hygiene areas or sites without any access to a laundry.


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