Roll-O-Matic® CE “Absorb” Sponge Refill

The self-wringing cleanroom mop!

The Vileda Professional Roll-O-Matic® sponge mop refills are manufactured in the USA. the new "Advanced Technology" foam is manufactured specifically for the controlled environment industry allowing 25% more liquid absorption and two times more liquid release than competing foams. Each refill is completely autoclaveable, resistant to gamma and ETO sterilization as well as being individually packaged and lot number controlled. All Vileda Professional brand refills are ideal for use with the "Pull and Lift" technique most commonly used in controlled environments. All 25 cm Roll-O-Matic® sponge refills fit every 25 cm Roll-O-Matic® handle all 35 cm Roll-O-Matic® sponge refills fit every 35 cm Roll-O-Matic® handle. Certificate of conformance and technical data available upon request.

Product Benefits

  • White CE Foam absorbs liquids four times quicker than common foam refills
  • This white CE foam is extremely durable, and perfect for spill pick-up, also suitable for applying disinfectant and cleaning particles
  • Autoclavable
  • Available in 35cm size
Description Color Size (cm) Case Packs/case Pack Pieces/pack
Roll-O-Matic® CE “Absorb” Galvanized Refill white 35 121165 12 121168 1

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