CombiSpeed Pro System

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CombiSpeed Pro System

Simple and effective flat mopping

The user-friendly and sturdy CombiSpeed Pro is a simple, effective flat mop system available in 40cm and 50cm.

Designed with the cleaner in mind CombiSpeed Pro is a lightweight system that reduces the stress on cleaner’s shoulders and backs. Plus, its low profile design makes cleaning under tables, radiators and other low-hanging objects easy and ergonomically correct.

Compatible with all pocket and strip mops

CombiSpeed Pro includes a wide assortment of pocket and strip mops for use in a variety of applications:

  • High-performance Trio and MicroSpeed Plus
  • Cost effective Contract and Base
  • Special application mops for safety floors
  • Single use mops

Attaching a strip mop is simple, due to the clever and innovative patent pending strip-clamps that do not interfere when using the system with pocket mops.

Configurable to meet your needs

Our wide range of pocket and pocket/strip mops ensures we have a mop that meets your requirements in terms of application, performance or budget.

Each mop type is available in 40 cm and 50 cm sizes in both pocket and pocket/strip attachments with barcode labels and colour coding tags as standard.

Contact us now for help and advice on deciding if CombiSpeed Pro is the right choice for you.