Introducing the NEW Max Mops Range by Vileda Professional

A leap forward in cleaning innovation. Vileda Professional introduces the r-Trio Max and r-MicroLite Max. These mops redefine professional cleaning excellence. With advancements in functionality, durability, and sustainability, the Max Mops stand as a testament to Vileda Professional's commitment to constant improvement.


r-Trio Max Mop - the All-rounder with maximized dirt removal.

The ultimate solution for tough dirt on hard floors. This newly designed mop effortlessly adapts to any surface, ensuring efficient cleaning with an easy-glide loop. With 4-line cleaning zones including potent scrubbing, deep microfibre cleaning, and absorbent outer zones, experience unmatched cleanliness and glide.

→ For CombiSpeed Pro


r-MicroLite Max Mop - the XL-performance and hygiene specialist.

Designed with an extra-large construction, this mop delivers professional cleaning efficiency across larger spaces. Symmetrical long-mop-side lips master corners and skirting boards. Glide effortlessly with the microfibre structure combined with the all-over scrubbing islands conquer stubborn dirt. Crafted from sustainable mono-material, r-MicroLite Max excels on sealed or smooth surfaces and structured vinyl floors.

→ For UltraSpeed Pro


  • MAX Versatility: Adapts to various cleaning methods, including pre-prepared, bucket & press, or spray cleaning
  • MAX Sustainability: Fully recyclable mop, over 35% recycled materials
  • MAX Durability: Withstands up to 500 washes
  • MAX Hygiene: Up to 99.99% Bovine coronavirus removal from vinyl surfaces, tested by third party lab

Developed to enhance the performance of UltraSpeed Pro & CombiSpeed Pro floor cleaning systems.

UltraSpeed Pro Max Mops

CombiSpeed Pro Max Mops