GP Extra Cloth

Economical cloth with non-woven structure

A dense surface layer, high absorbency and easy to rinse, Vileda Professional non-woven durable cloths offer a range of functional properties that keep them fresh and hygienic, use after use. Hygiene & Safety Woven cloths trap dirt in the open weave of their fibres, but dirt particles are unable to penetrate a non-woven surface, and can be easily rinsed away. With little or no dirt particles to feed on, the growth of bacteria and germs is greatly reduced. The cloth stays fresh longer, and the high fibre density results in capillary action, greatly improving absorbency. Usage Economical cloth for general purpose cleaning tasks. Easily lifts dirt from surfaces and rinses clean for immediate use.

Product benefits

  • With antibacterial properties preventing the growth of germs in moist condition
  • High fibre density greatly improving absorbency
  • Non-woven structure allows dirt particles to be rinsed off rather than become trapped in the weave
Description Color Size (cm) Case Packs/case Pack Pieces/pack
GP Extra Cloth yellow 30 x 37 115090 6 115094 25
GP Extra Cloth blue 30 x 37 115091 6 115095 25
GP Extra Cloth green 30 x 37 115092 6 115096 25
GP Extra Cloth red 30 x 37 115093 6 115097 25

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