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ClickSpeed System

Quick click attachment

ClickSpeed is a cost effective pre-prepared flat mop system with a easy to use unique mop frame. Simply drop the mop on the floor, slide in the frame and then click-close the magnetic mop holder

  • Intuitive handling
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Hygienic, hands-free mop change
  • High cleaning performance
  • Compatible with durable and single use microfibre mops

An easy decision

ClickSpeed is a simple, smart, competitive pre-prepared flat mopping system that saves you money.

  • Ideal for a broad range of cleaning environments
  • Hygienic - one mop per room In healthcare
  • Cost effective – price of single use mop matches the costs of a durable mop wash cycle

The responsible solution – reduce washing costs and pollution

ClickSpeed with a durable microfibre mop is as cost effective as it is responsible:

  • 500 wash cycle mops
  • Up to 60% lower wash costs – lightweight materials allow more mops per washing cycle
  • Less chemicals and water – lower costs and a positive effect on our environment

Contact us now for help and advice on deciding if ClickSpeed is the right choice for you.