UltraSpeed Pro System

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UltraSpeed Pro System

Easy to use

Whatever the cleaning requirements, UltraSpeed Pro will dramatically increase cleaning speed, performance, versatility and ergonomics resulting in lower overall costs.

The secret behind the UltraSpeed Pro is the unique press allowing cleaners to start using the system without the need for training.

Unbeatable performance

UltraSpeed Pro flat mop system outperforms bucket-and-press systems in all areas:

  • Cleans over 750 m2* per hour
  • High-performance press – drier floors reducing slip hazards
  • Hygienic  – no hand contact with mops or cleaning solution
  • Easy to use – no training required
  • Compact – small footprint for space saving storage
  • Ergonomic – lightweight, no bending to wring

* Calculations based on figures from Figr (an independent German research and testing institute for Facility Management)

Contact us to learn how the UltraSpeed Pro flat mopping system can help you to raise effectiveness and lower your costs per square meter.


Choose one of our 3 pre-configured cleaning kits

The UltraSpeed Pro range includes options to suit all sites, starting with the single bucket mopping system for general floor cleaning. Add a second bucket onto the chassis and you have a double bucket system for mopping larger areas.

If you want to fulfil more cleaning tasks you can use the second bucket to carry chemicals, cloths, paper etc. To simplify the choice, we have created three easy to use mopping kits:

  1. UtraSpeed Pro System: Containing the basic system – chassis, bucket(s) and press
  2. UtraSpeed Pro Starter: Containing the basic system plus mop frame and mop pad
  3. UtraSpeed Pro Ready to Go: Containing the starter kit plus a telescopic mop handle

All solutions are available with an ergonomic push bar that makes moving the system around sites very easily.

Choose the mop that suits your needs

The UltraSpeed Pro system can be used with a wide range of mops:

  • high performance microfiber mops
  • mops for special application areas such as cleaning safety floors
  • single use mops that can be disposed at the end of each shift or day

Contact us now for help and advice on deciding if UltraSpeed Pro is the right choice for you