r-MicroOne Premium UltraSpeed Pro

Our single-use recycled microfibre mop for high floor coverage and maximum hygiene

r-MicroOne Premium UltaSpeed Pro is a Vileda Professional single use mop made from 85% recycled materials, containing very fine split microfibre. The recycled microfibre mop is recyclable itself after usage and combines sustainability with superior cleaning efficacy. Due to its certified ability of removing up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, the mop is especially suitable for high hygiene areas like hospitals. The four colour coding system aids professional cleaners to avoid cross-contamination. 

The high absorbency of the recycled microfibre mop is perfect to optimize cleaning processes even more, promising an increased floor coverage in comparison to other single use mops. Being compliant with quat-based disinfectants and offering a superior cleaning performance due to the advanced microfibre technology, the r-MicroOne Premium UltraSpeed Pro guarantees brilliantly clean floors whilst making processes more time-efficient.

Product benefits of the r-MicroOne Premium UltraSpeed Pro at one glance:

  • Maximum hygiene due to the removal of 99.99% of viruses and bacteria
  • Excellent cleaning performance due to advanced microfibre technology
  • High absorbency provides increased floor coverage
  • Made from 85% recycled PES
  • 100% recyclable after usage
  • Four colour system

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Efficiency combined with sustainability – Vileda Professional’s recycled product range

Vileda Professional has set the goal to help our customers to clean more sustainably. As a worldwide leader in cleaning solutions, we want to provide products which keep sites and surfaces hygienically clean while contributing to a healthier planet. Our recycled microfibre mop r-MicroOne Premium UltraSpeed Pro is labelled with our “Love it clean” logo which highlights our most sustainable product choices.

We want our customers to join us on our journey and ambitions of reducing waste.  Our cleaning solutions help to save waste while remaining the high-quality standard of Vileda Professional and delivering excellent product performance. During recent years we continuously increased our use of recycled plastics so that now nearly all of our plastic packaging is recyclable. We still continuously take action to make a difference. 

The r-MicroOne Premium UltraSpeed Pro and other products of our recycled product range are part of our drive to help you further reduce your stakeholders footprints by reducing waste and CO₂ emissions.

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Description Color Size (cm) Art.no Case Packs/case Art.no. Pack Pieces/pack
r-MicroOne Premium UltraSpeed Pro blue 40 170314 6 170315 25
r-MicroOne Premium UltraSpeed Pro red 40 170316 6 170317 25
r-MicroOne Premium UltraSpeed Pro green 40 170318 6 170319 25
r-MicroOne Premium UltraSpeed Pro yellow 40 170320 6 170321 25

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